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tv   [untitled]    October 30, 2012 2:30am-3:00am EDT

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so-called friends of syria. is to understand that it is not one of the signs in the conflict that it can be solved i think russia and china are closer to this understanding then the united states or the european along and or saudi arabia. because unfortunately their stance until now has been days are numbered it has to go it's not a policy and we should try to understand that it is not by arming and financing the armed opposition to the present government in syria the dissolution will be found the armed opposition has not strengths. to dislodge president assad president seems not to have enough strength to crush the military opposition and so really you know that look so on both sides we should find people who could start to negotiate what about turkey do you think we'll see
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a conflict with the full blown conflict between syria and turkey or anywhere else in the region turkey can be dragged or drag itself into this conflict but i have a feeling that the leadership of turkey understands very well that if they go too far in syria it may become dangerous for turkey so you know that an important kurdish minorities living in syria and you know that in turkey the kurds or at least part of the kurds fighting. so turkey involvement in the war in syria. may have a lot of trips to turkey and it's not by chance that turkey has refrained until now from crossing the border and send its ground troops to syria because it's easy to go in it's difficult to get out and the story of all the conflicts there against iraq whatever shows that you go in. and the decision is taken
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a couple of days and then takes years and years and years to get out so i don't think that the government is really willing to open a war with the syrian government but. those two states are basically on the brink of war and this is very dangerous because we have also on the other side of the local map we have iran and we have all this talk about a possible military strike against iran nuclear capabilities so it's really kind of not. it should be untied part by part so now i think it's high time to start to untie the syrian not there's a deadlock a lot of blood thousands of people have been killed infrastructure destroyed by terror acts by just fighting in general it's not a country like iraq or libya that has oil to rebuild itself if we ever see an end
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to this conflict who could possibly benefit from all this fighting obviously from both sides there it's a lose lose situation syria has some well but you're quite right it's not the amount which. will be sufficient to rebuild the whole country syria by the way whatever. can be said about the rule of assad family was a pretty decent economical and social way country in the arab world i visited damascus last february and city produce a very good impression on me it was going to be european city it was very open city open air city. very secular in style it is an islamic country but somehow the style of living was very modern and you could see women sitting with husbands in cafe a nice restaurant and. economically it was clear the damascus was one of the points of attraction. in this region so it's really a pity that
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a country that has been enjoying quite an important economic growth is being put into shambles and who will profit from the destruction of syria i think only those who are after establishing a radical islamist regime in syria there are some countries in the arab world in the muslim world. financing really call islamist forces who are quite willing in the case of syria to support the sunni radicals against the shia who are now in power at the expense of the christians of the kurds of the druze and other minorities in syria so in some capitals of this area this conflict is considered through completely different says it's about the inspiration of a sunni ruled in a country which had been ruled by a minority for forty years but it was exactly the fact that this country was ruled
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by a shia minority that it allowed to have this. multi ethnic and multi confessional combination in syria. which worked i mean for forty years there were no. conflicts in syria there were no it. so my feeling is that what is being done today in syria is an attempt to crush this multi-ethnic multi confessional piece and to establish one group of people and one religion will be much higher above the others even one brand of a religion that would be a radical islam and a sunni radical majority. that would kind of lead the country but i think. we see where it leads look at saudi arabia. let's put it this way and you don't have democracy and they get along great with the united. well i want everyone to read what the united states where does the us
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stand in terms of regime change they are very open it's no secret that they want assad to go and then they're pushing on russia and criticizing of russia that it's them and china who are blocking any kind of progress on a solution the united states to my mind a completely make it make stuff actually and the reason to a large part of why all this mess has. triumphed over in syria the united states try to prove that with the help of qatar where there is no constitution and the opposition is being crushed or of saudi arabia where there is no constitution even the remote notion of what the democracy is they will establish freedom and democracy in syria and i wonder who can believe this i wonder whether the american diplomats do they put one and one together and the u.s. position is completely flawed i think basically the u.s.
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are themselves are at a loss in this situation they don't know what will happen they don't know what are the forces who will come to power when hillary clinton was asked on congress hearings who are the people the united states' support politically in syria she said they don't know and also she was asked why actually missed. one of the leaders of all kind says that assad is their main enemy in a paradoxical twist of history mrs clinton and the way he find themselves on one side of the barricades against president asad how america reached this unbelievable position i do not know i think it's very contradictory very weak i think the u.s. have no policy towards syria and the only policy is to blame russia they are very lucky to have russia because at least they have somebody to blame if russia was not around the void of american foreign policy on syria would have been completely clear to. everybody let's talk for
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a moment about the forces that will come to power in the u.s. they're having elections very shortly. what does that mean for russia does it matter who is going to be in office for the next four years in terms of foreign policy do you expect any changes either way the russian president. said. already a couple of times that we will work with the president who was chosen by the american people so i don't think that moscow would like to take sides unlike by the way america france always like to take sides and to show that they would like to have this person as a president or that person and the one who is popular in the country they would like him to become president of russia we have a different approach but mr romney complicated everything basically he set the tone of this election to the extent the russian is concerned and he made us make
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us choices made i was sure it's almost immediately when he said that he considers russia to be american jew political for number one after this the answer from moscow is evident who is the president would like to win. mr romney said it all so we definitely would not like to have a president. who has some kind of or negative thing about russia here mr romney is elected it will be farcical see a trickle called war mostly rhetorical but still it will poison the relationship to a large extent i think the research that mr obama although it was very much criticized on both sides in the united states and in russia i think it has to do something and the most important result of the reset is that the narrative has changed because basically the relationship between moscow and washington between the kremlin and the white house. has turned into ashes in the last months of
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george bush second presence the reset brought a new. here in the russian american dialogue the relationship between obama and mr medvedev and even between obama and mr putin decent relationship they are they have of course there are complications and the differences have not gone away a number of issues but still it's in the atmosphere in which we can consider ourselves as partners partners with disagreements but still caucus with mr romney we will be forced to consider ourselves as than others and so it's definitely preferable to have a partner with a lot of disagreements than an enemy which would be kind of a clear cut enemy and so i think that the russian choice in those american actions is absolutely clear so thank you very much.
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dr in between the russian mainland japan and the circling island is the island of minute on named after french seafarer who discovered it it is described as the right of the sakhalin region we'll take a look at what's in store for us here. until two thousand for the island was part of the border zone and was completely restricted to. this picture this place is open to tourists plants and animals are its top attraction. really has been exploring the deaths of the world sees for several decades but it's here at more your own island where. here's finally found what he'd been looking for
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that are supposed to be the most the water here is very clear the visibility is very good and the underwater world here is extremely rich i've been to many diving locations across the planet including the eye on the ball but mine are on top of my list while some go to the sakhalin region to enjoy the sights others convert the island's nature's riches into a healthy dollar it is home to the biggest seafood processing factory in russia the tonight shop hundreds of thousands of tons of fish get caught in the nets too late to produce delicious salamon caviar almost and necessary attribute of anything in russia the owner of the enterprise says a good fishing season can bring in more than one hundred million dollars net profit . at a large extent this is old to do what succulent offers environmentally the tonight show operates in only and natural habitat and mild climate unique natural sights and delicious seafood succulent can offer
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a diverse holiday for those who are not afraid to travel ten thousand kilometers from europe the question is whether this distant land would ever be able to become a major tourist destination. is. the. elite. of the six america votes for its next president. the wielders the u.s.
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the top stories on our cd is superstorm sandy claims at least thirteen lives as a slams into east coast america forcing barack obama and me trial need to hunker down just days ahead of the presidential election an explosion at a power plant in new york has plunged pulse of the city into darkness over seven million people are without electricity in several states. no bailout needed spain and they say it's prime ministers and says their countries don't need help meanwhile the latest economic forecast says the two states will not be able to pay financial problems. it's out of foreign powers for not negotiating with all the sides in the syrian conflict is up to more violence follows a year one point. trees were pointing in a lab and
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a double bomb blasts in the capital. now the latest news with. that thanks for watching and here's what's coming up over the next p. minutes from a double russia star then he sat appalled schools twice exact boston democrat today eight straight defeats in the kerry jail. blastoff going needle massey's it was his second golden boot in three years after scoring fifty goals for barcelona last season and ready for the software issue rockies new signing james harden looks to make an instant impact. for this start of the season. the writers ice hockey action to make a show it danny said of paul scored twice and got an assistant three one home victory over land he now have suffered eight defeats in
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a row after scores first period came to the fore just two minutes after the break he scored in front of the home fans and then slid in denny's of to make it former n.h.l. player nikolai she had there did meet one back for atlanta but that was not enough as in the third set a pov restored his sides to go question after and he were the runners up two seasons ago have won now only once in twelve games while akbar's third in the eastern conference one point behind trapdoor mets in the magnets of course. there were nine other games that were played on monday the normal scope and recent signing nicklas backstrom scored his first ever carried shell goal in a three one win over the nominee justin hodgman scored twice and got to assist his messages magnitogorsk these to a seventy when i was in armaments continues to school as well at this time he was on target for sky in their four one win over spartak elsewhere three goals in four first period minutes proved to be. about your life as they be talk. also with their
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mettle and the risk is yes it's live and locomotive and service while eastern conference leaders back door suffered a shootout defeat at home for the chance to check off as the visitors recovered from being pretty. barren football arjen time star little messi has landed yet another accolade as the barcelona striker received the golden boot after finishing last season as the league's top scorer in europe it is the twenty five year old second such award in three years after the striker said a new league record of fifty goals for more than real madrid rival christiane are now they picked up the prize last year both have been named on the twenty three man list in contention for thief is ballon d'or for the best player of the year a title messi has been holding for three years but the humble maestro believes he couldn't have won his latest honor. every term. because it's logical.
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and would not make teammates schooled in the early. months and needs portugal midfielder danny says he is fit and ready to play in tonight's russia cup clash mordovia danny danny has been sidelined with a series of injuries since february but he's finally fit again and could feature this evening with a place in the quarter finals at stake elsewhere the premier league are between banning present. travel to rostov and e.c. welcomes in the. meanwhile arsenal's former russia captain andrea shaaban will make only his second start of the season tonight for the gun is they take on for a premier league side reading in the last sixteen of the league cup arshavin has faced criticism over his commitment and work rate but arsenal boss arsene bang has defended the former as any man. because it's been christian. for him.
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if it was because i would speak about. overdoing it comes. to use were focused one. because i. was christian and it was completely unjustified meanwhile the english football association has begun an investigation into complaints by chelsea about referee mark clattenburg it is alleged to be used inappropriate language towards two of their plays during sunday's controversial three two defeat to manchester united the players reportedly thought his comments were racist the two sides meet again in stamford bridge in italy on wednesday. russia's top tennis star mikhail youzhny will have to wait until next year for his four hundred career victory that after losing to spain's marcel granollers and the first round of the paris masters it was a contest that was over in just eighty eight minutes granolas coming through to win six four six three after breaking news in the five times usually has
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a career record of three hundred ninety nine wins and two hundred eighty eight defeats. possible new n.b.a. season starts in just two days' time in history rockets new signing james harden will make an immediate impact to the point guard the latest man to join the rockets we've also brought in jeremy lin and center seek hard and was brought from last year's runners up oklahoma the twenty three year old signing a fifty five million dollars deal over four years and he's expected to make his debut against detroit on wednesday who still believe they have a man will make a big difference on court will harden himself believes he'll have more responsibility. i don't think that you're a dome i think is a great great player. playing on an all star level and is going to be a perennial all star. so those players are rarely traded so i thought frank was going to work out there very happy for the houston rockets. you know that easier
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because i was a leader when i was. you know i had a different rule how to change my rule back to my sort of ways of being a leader on the court. for a first shot to be ready for you know we're going to go together is going to be the process but we're going to grow right you better so the murders stay in the states because the giants have returned home to san francisco after winning baseball's will series for a second time in three years manager bruce bochy clutching the trophy here as he steps off the plane the giants completed a four game sweep of the troy tigers to claim the will series and hundreds of thousands of fans are expected to turn out for tomorrow's tain parade on the way. meanwhile remark arroyo has avenged his recent world go final defeat to tiger woods after the world number one beat the second ranked american by single shot the next jew in china the world's top two players locked horns i have eighteen holes of mcelroy probably in better form after coming up just short of the shanghai masters
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title on sunday and then order by three shots after two days on the three holes the twenty three year old never try old after being greeted by a model on the twelfth day chipped in for an important birdie. a couple of babies later on that day for the fourteen time major winner as woods needed to haue a birdie from the bunker on the final hole but he just missed. in part to secure a five under par and have sixty seven. point zero point five zero i'm going to take me to keep birdies on the back nine and i just tried to keep my nose and trying to you know as it was it was a great exhibition i think everyone here enjoyed it and you know they're going to come out and hopefully they had a bunch of fun watching us. play you know some persian gulf that. is only just beginning here in russia but an unused. snowboarding competition was held this
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weekend at an all season alpine skiing venue in the moscow region constantine picked up off the story. russia is a country covered with snow for almost half the year but you can also find many snowboard infuses here during the other half and this indoor alpine skiing venue was recently the place for it being qantas where competitors tickle there is obstacles. for some snowboard addicts the broad spectrum of around here when say is not a nightmare but a dream come true and here their dream becomes reality as these dead else can hold their tricks on the verge of fishel slow three hundred sixty five days a year. however for in a man such as a jeep competition a relatively small amount of snow is required as snowboarders gain speed on
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a slope and like an old skateboarding influenced sports jump and slide over different barriers and before uncomplicated tricks i could believe but the start but it sound now i mean almost every amateur dreams of becoming a we prove you are the prize of snowboarding equipment for the whole year is up for grabs here and after that year if a snowboarder is good enough he will sign a professional contract their own the hundred amateur boarders gathered to battle for that top prize and showed off their best breathtaking and jaw dropping tricks on the rail to impress the judges. that i didn't expect to win but i'm happy i did hopefully during this year i'll produce my best and sign a pro contract that is hard to earn money in snowboarding in this country but if you perform on a solid level you can get a contract elsewhere that there are still only a few professional still boarders in russia but such events could perhaps help inspire youngsters to turn a whole. into living. rooms
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and in both parties. because some of those will hurt in the morning that is a little small fire on back a bit like. his wedding bells fifteen goods. to cal's. fourteen kilograms of rice one thousand flatbreads. and a live. but why is the bride in a bad mood. to tell the groom he's not the one. to rule it is a done deal. mission
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